Capturing playfulness, intimacy, love and human connection is what makes me passionate about photography. I feel privileged not only to witness these moments through my lens but also to be deeply moved by them.


I've discovered photography as a child thanks to my love of rummaging through my grandparents' stacks of old family photographs and the nostalgia they evoked in me, making me wonder about the lives of past generations and what they must have felt in those precise moments. My love of capturing precious memories, visually frozen in time, is what planted the seeds for my passion for documentary photography.


While I always work in an unobtrusive way, I believe it is essential to connect and in some situations engage to create a playful and relaxed atmosphere. With this light hearted approach I love to put those at ease who normally struggle to feel comfortable in front of the camera; having felt awkward myself being photographed in the past helped me to empathise and hone this invaluable skill.


I want my clients to always feel cared and catered for to their individual needs, which is why it is very important to me to get to know you beforehand and to discuss all necessary details of your wedding day. As I can't pick up phone calls while I'm working, it's best to get in touch via email and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. We can then arrange a suitable day to have a chat via telephone or Skype or meet in person if possible for a consultation prior to the shoot.